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الدكتور مهدي السهلاوي


نقيب الكيميائيين العراقيين

Email: dr.mehdisahlawi@greenmesopotamia.com

Prof. Dr.  Mahdi Mohammed Ridha Al-sahlawi

University of Kufa

                                                                                                                      Faculty of Medicine

Department of Biochemistry

Kufa, P.O.Box 21

Najaf Governorate, Iraq

Tel: +964 (0) 7810647788

Email: mahdi.alsahlawi@uokufa.edu.iq

He have a B.Sc. from Baghdad University in chemistry and M.Sc from Kufa University in Biochemistry and also awarded PhD from Al-Nahrain University in Medical chemistry. He currently holding the position of the president of Iraqi Chemist Society also, and hold the position of chancellor and Vice-chancellor of legal and administrative affairs at the aforementioned University. He is a faculty member in the College of Medicine at Kufa University. He has been lecturing in this college since 2001 and also has been invited to deliver lectures at different college at our university e.g., Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Veterinary and Medicine. He was a former research scientist in the Center of digestive tract and liver and he published a wide range of scientific articles, besides that, he was one of the conductive in the ministry of environment as well as a professional associations and administrative positions, i.e.:

Member of the president of Iraqi Chemist Society

Vice-Chancellor of Kufa University for finance and administrative affairs

Head of the Department Biochemistry/ Kufa University

Deputy and the of the Head of the Department Biochemistry / Kufa University

He was envoloved in many Professional experience and Community Engagement Activities, including:

Currently performing as Faculty member of Medicine School/ Kufa University

Supervised and continues supervising many Master and PhD students in the field of Biochemistry.

Conducted several joint research with the lraqi Minister of Environment.

Help in signing MODS with the University of Queen Mary (London), The university of Shanghai (China) and the University of Lasik Germany.